I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer, with a background in Geophysics and love for Astronomy. I live in San Francisco, California.

I recently completed a contract with the software development and design agency Potato as a back-end software engineer, where I helped to overhaul a web application for our client using Python and Django. Previously to that I have done full-stack software consulting with Pinterest and Google, and a full time position at Ampex Data Systems.

My interests also include data science and machine learning, Outside of software, I dance Lindy Hop and volunteer as the Outreach Coordinator for the SF Bay Area Chapter of The Planetary Society.

Be sure to check out some of the personal projects I have worked on below.


Find the best places to go stargazing near you! A RESTful web-app demo that won Best Design at Science Hack Day. Built using Python, Django, Javascript, and AWS. The final version is currently in development.

Cross Country Timelapse

Assembled from 30,000+ photos using ImageMagik and bash scripts. See the entire country go by at Mach 3

Contact Me

If you want to chat, collaborate, or hire me, please send me an email