I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer, with a background in Geophysics and love for Astronomy. I live in San Francisco, California.

I am currently looking for new opprotunities as a Full-Stack or Backend Software Engineer. Most recently I worked at Virta Health, where I did full-stack development on the patient onboarding application, as well as worked on internal infrastructure and tooling for other engineers. Previous experience also includes developing and shipping applications as a contract consultant working with Pinterest, Google, and Potato, and as an FTE at Ampex Data Systems.

My interests also include data science and machine learning, Outside of software, I dance Lindy Hop and volunteer as the Outreach Coordinator for the SF Bay Area Chapter of The Planetary Society.

Be sure to check out some of the personal projects I have worked on below.


Find the best places to go stargazing near you! A RESTful web-app demo that won Best Design at Science Hack Day. Built using Python, Django, Javascript, and AWS. The final version is currently in development.

Cross Country Timelapse

Assembled from 30,000+ photos using ImageMagik and bash scripts. See the entire country go by at Mach 3. Video may not be availible in all regions.

Contact Me

If you want to chat, collaborate, or hire me, please send me an email