STARgazr: See ALL of the stars above you

In summer of 2016, Brian Castro was planning a stargazing trip for the Perseid Meteor Shower, and noticed that getting all the information to properly plan such a trip meant visiting as many as ten different websites. One for weather, one for the astronomy forecast, one for light pollution, and so on. When he and his friends arrived at the spot he had chosen, Brian realized that he neglected to check the phase of the moon, which was nearly full - its brightness washed out most of the stars and meteors for most of the night. It became clear that there must be a better way.

That November at Science Hack Day in San Francisco, Brian and a team of other nerds decided to tackle the problem of creating a stargazing web app in a weekend. Within 24 hours they had a working demo that utilized different APIs and resources to find the conditions at any spot on the globe with a click of a button. Stargazr was born.

Stargzr uses a combination of open source APIs and datasets plus software tools and hackathon talent to help you pick the best spot near you to gaze up in awe at the majesty of our universe


This project would not be possible without the existance of the following sites, datasets, and services



We’re proud and happy to continue the open source sharing method by making our repository available for anyone to branch off and experiment with here on github!